We made a video material that won the hearts of internauts and helped fulfill the dreams of ambitious creators.
Sounds unreal?
A vision made real through the collaboration between Dream Machines and VYRAL.

Many people are not aware of the path that a product must go through – from a blueprint to fully functional product that we buy in stores. It was no different in the case of the innovative Dream Machines DM6 Holey Trio gaming mouse, which was supposed to combine lightness, the highest quality sensors and the ability to work without a cable with the option of connecting it to PC when needed. Unfortunately, creating such a product involves huge costs that start-up companies cannot cover. This is mainly due to the creation of many prototype models, which are extremely expensive, and their subsequent testing. Enterprises are struggling to raise funds, but it is not always successful. There is, however, a way to realize and finance your dreams. Kickstarter is a place where an ordinary internet user can support the creator’s project with a small sum.

Dream Machines was a very similar case – creators decided to prepare their website on Kickster and put everything on one card. The first step was get in touch with VYRAL to prepare promotional material for their laptops. It was supposed to be a POV movie showing the versatility of RG3070-15PL25 notebook in different places. For this purpose, VYRAL created several sets that needed to imitate a gaming studio, outdoor environment and the apartment of an ordinary player.

The film turned out to be a bull’s eye and a few weeks after its publication, DM decided to focus on Kickstarter campaign mentioned before: a promotional video of a concept mouse.

“We faced a difficult task as a company – we had to create something out of nothing. We only had a prototype of the DM6 Holey Trio at our disposal, which was different from the original product, yet we knew we had to do everything we could to encourage Kickstarter users to take a look at our client’s product.” – Mateusz Ogonowski, Content Director of VYRAL.

Filming lasted several days and their preparation required incredible creativity and commitment of many people.
However, they succeeded and produced a film that changed the fate of Dream Machines for good.

Dream Machines quickly raised the amount of money needed to start the production.
Now it appears on the website as one of their key products.