The SkillFactor project is a unique opportunity for all CS: GO players who dream of a career as a professional esports player and want to develop their skills.
With the support of 4 coaches – recognized and experienced players – such as Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski, Paweł “innocent” Mocek, Grzegorz “Szpero” Dziamałek and Paweł “Saju” Pawelczak SkillFactor will help teams that will win the qualifiers to acquire valuable skills and knowledge necessary to start their careers. We will try to explain how this event will take place:

SkillFactor is divided into 4 qualifying weeks – each dedicated to a different coach – and a grand final in which (after training) all teams will clash against each other.
Experts will focus on transferring knowledge about the most important skills and will use their strengths to properly prepare their teams for the upcoming challenge.

Let’s take a look what will be the main focus for each trainer:

Saju: learning plays and positions that he taught his students during the career of a professional coach.
Szpero: will show you how to build a team and properly distribute roles between players.
Innocent: knowledge about rotating positions and learning useful grenades.
Snax: will put emphasis on adequate communication inside the team and training reflexes as well as speed of reaction during the fight.

Of course, the coaches, after talking with the team, will also focus on the individual needs of their team, and have additional surprises prepared especially for their students.

The schedule is as follows:

Saju’s Week (11.01-17.01)
Szpero’s Week (18.01-24.01)
Innocent’s Week (25.01-31.01)
Snax’ Week (01.02-07.02)

Each week has the same schedule broken down into individual days:

  • Monday: start of qualifications (registration available via the website,
  • Thursday: qualifying teams on the faceit platform,
  • Friday: Qualifiers Final Streamed on Twitch
  • Sunday: team training under the supervision of a coach (also streamed on the Twitch platform).

Here you can find a short film showing the course of the entire project:

You can find more information in SkillFactor social media:

Twitter: ,