We are pleased to announce that, together with The Collective, we are organizing a unique gaming-oriented project – SHIF7.

While designing SHIF7, The Collective decided to cooperate with us on this project from the technical, production and administrative side.

The Collective can be safely called an initiative that connects the world of music, gaming, sports and fashion. Closely related to Legia Warsaw, The Collective has assumed the goal of organizing events that will gather viewers and famous personalities from different worlds at the same time and allow them to permeate each other.

SHIF7 is an esports league in which creators from the world of music, lifestyle and sports will join their fans in teams representing other formations and led by a selected leader. Teams participating in tournament are: Chillwagon, GrailPoint, Hypetalk, Internaziomale, Legia F&F, Team X, Young Multi – YFL and Ekipa.

For additional variety in the fight, players will compete in five different games: Mario Kart, FIFA21, Street Fighter 5, League of Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone.

For those who will not be able to appear in Skybox at the Legia Warszawa stadium, we have good news – all matches will be broadcast on The Collective channel and influencers involved in the tournament.

SHIF7 will run for five months, starting in January 2022 and ending in April.