SkillzVault Brazil is a PUBG Mobile event organized in cooperation with ESE Entertainment for Bitcoin Vault and aimed at Brazilian market. It was also a part of a series where five different countries Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and Brazil) played in SkillzVault in their regions.
Players from Brazil competed for the title of the best player in their region (and globally – in all countries participating in the event) and for awards sponsored by the Bitcoin Vault in the form of cryptocurrency paid to players’ virtual wallets.

In addition to, of course, esports emotions and games in PUBG Mobile, SkillzVault fans could watch specially prepared films on the project’s social media, divided into several series, which were:

– Vault Expert: Chief of Communication Bitcoin Vault talked about various applications of cryptocurrencies and revealed a lot of useful information about blockchain and the BTCV currency itself.
– Vault Show: A quiz in which influencers from each country answered questions related to various areas of life – not only esports!
– Why Me: Each of the influencers talked about why it is worth participating in SkillzVault and how they will help players prepare for the finals.
– Influencer’s History: Influencers shared their experiences about how their careers began and how they began in the gaming world.

SkillzVault Brazil had 4 separate qualifiers, from which the top four players faced their country’s finals, and the final competition winner’s score was recorded in the SkillzVault Global Ranking.
In addition, four finalists participated in training under the watchful eye of two selected influencers (Bruno Clash and Naotempause), who took care of the proper preparation of their pupils for the regional finals by providing them with the necessary knowledge regarding not only the mechanics of the game, but also advised on appropriate communication or starting a career as professional gamer or streamer.

After the games in Asia, it was time to move to another continent – the last country to take part in SkillzVault was Brazil!
Korean players are specialists in strategy games, and the Brazilians, in turn, lead the way in shooters. Did it translate into emotions guaranteed to the audience by SkillzVault? Surely!
HuntĘr, SKLuuck, Drago and Falcoo qualified for the finals, and Bruno Clash and Naotempause became their influencer coaches.
The winner of the Brazilian finals was HuntĘr, who even managed to outperform Naotempause himself!

After playing the finals in all five countries, it was time to check the scoreboard and pick the country that scored the most points. Korea, which was the first to fight in SkillzVault also defended its position against all other regions.
Not many people know about it, but Koreans take esports very seriously and are recognized as the most talented players in the world. Their achievements in SkillzVault only cemented this thesis. Congratulations!

A list of Season 1 winners for the 2022 MUSE Creative and Design Awards has been officially released by the International Awards Associate (“IAA”). Having received over 6,000 entries from all over the globe, the MUSE Creative Awards and MUSE Design Awards are two leading award programs created to honour creative and design professionals for their excellence.

VYRAL was selected as a 2022 Gold Winner under the Social Media – Financial Services category of the competition.

The MUSE Awards is made up of a series of competitions, which are open for participation to the world at large. These awards are hosted by the International Awards Associate (IAA), who aims to promote excellence in various creative and design industries by providing professionals a platform to compete against their peers.